Homecoming for a Hometown Hero

Pete and Bethany and the kids have resisted the “Musher Jet” out of Nome because it leaves right after the banquet. The kids get tired and it is very hard for anyone to enjoy themselves.

After almost a month it was time to go home. Pete left Bethel on the 27th of March and after a long trail and a great win, it was time to head home and feel the wind from the tundra.

Upon arrival into Bethel, the Alaska Airlines Captain announced that “Pete, your firetruck friends are waiting!” As Pete and his family walked down the steps and across the tarmac, an Airport Firetruck rang it’s siren and flashed it’s lights. “Welcome Home Mr. Kaiser!” blared through the speaker.

Entering the terminal you could hear “Pete-Pete-Pete” At least 100 people packed the facility with signs and Bev Hoffman requesting that Pete give a few words. Pete thanked the crowd for their support and love and told them he was a bit overwhelmed by it all.

It was arranged that the Bethel Fire Department would escort him home and at least 20 cars followed suit. As the entourage drove back from the Airport, the sides of the road were lined with many people with signs and cheering.

Upon Arrival at home, even his living room was decorated.

I asked him about the event and he said he was just overwhelmed with it all.

Here are the photos. Video for tomorrow!

Go Team Kaiser!

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