First out of Koyuk – Team Kaiser Leads the Iditarod – Joar an Hour Behind

Good Afternoon Race fans! The excitement is building as many of us are now in the Anchorage airport waiting for our flight to Nome.

Pete dropped one dog in the Koyuk Checkpoint and was sent on his way by Kaiser Fan Ariel Tweto. (She’s everywhere on the trail)

Joar was out of Koyuk an hour after Pete.

This feels so much like the last half of the Kuskokwim 300. Pete has left Koyuk bound for White Mountain 100 miles down the trail. We will be able to watch closely his times as he goes through Elim and Golovin and then into White Mountain. I expect one rest stop before he runs into White Mountain. With Joar on his heels, it is going to be an exciting evening!
Go Team Kaiser!

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