And here we go. Race to Rest

The excitement continues…

After arriving into Elim 50 minutes after Pete, Joar left right after him onto trail to White Mountain.

We were watching the tracker wondering what was going to take place and Myron texted me, “They are going to leave together”

He was right. Joar made up 10 minutes on Pete on the run from Koyuk, but by short resting just a little, Joar now is right on Pete’s heels.

It is 46 miles to White Mountain and the 8 hour layover which will refresh the Teams, but also put in place an epic run into Nome with two Teams almost equally matched.

This is going to be like the Ben-Hur chariot scene as the two mushers Jessie Royer called the “Nicest Guys on the Trail” race to Nome. Nothing to do now but just keep the tracker close at hand!

Go Team Kaiser!

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