Strategy on the Upper Kuskokwim – Pete Out First to Aniak

Good Morning Race Fans! Whew! What is happening up on the upper trail??

Pete and the Team were 6th into Kalskag, but after a 2 hour layover and the starting position adjustment of 16 minutes, were back onto the trail for Aniak. Other Teams are taking 3 hour layovers and before heading off in pursuit of Team Kaiser.

This may be a real good strategy with this good weather allowing him to take the two hours for a snack/break at the checkpoint and spread out the mandatory 6 hour rest, 2 hours per checkpoint. The rule is that Teams must take 6 hours between arriving in Kalskag on the way up and leaving Kalskag on the way down. A Team could take it all at once in one of the locations, but Pete’s a smart cookie and realizing that he has to snack anyway, so taking the breaks 2 hours per checkpoint might be a great strategy. I love this part of the race because we really don’t know the leader until Teams leave Kalskag and we get to see the musher’s play their game in front of us.

Here are a few stats for you. Tuluksak Position and Kalskag Position leaderboards. Also Check out the realtime leaderboard

Team Position Tuluksak UP

Kalskag IN Position

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