Official In Time and Release Time – Tuluksak

Hi Folks! One last update and then it’s off to slumberland for a short nap to get going for tomorrow.

Pete and the Team were into Tuluksak in 4th position at 10:54pm with 11 dogs. They can return to the trail in 4 hours, or at 2:54am.

As expected, the Kaiser and Failor Teams are identical in speed, so unless something unexpected happens, Matt is in the drivers seat for 2019. BUT… But Teams in front of Mr. Kaiser should check their rear view mirror often because there’s a freight train headed for Bethel– The Kaiser Express!

Pete and the Team were 15 minutes faster over the 50 miles from Kalskag. 10 minutes in front of Pete is Nic Petit (Third Position) and 28 minutes in front is Jesse Holmes (2nd Position). Pete was faster than both Teams and if the conditions are right, I’d expect some exciting racing to happen on the trail to the finish line.

Weather is perfect, Trail is good, family and a warm bed are waiting. What’s not to like??

Go Team Kaiser!

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