First to Aniak

Thank You Aniak!!

Pete and the Team were first into the Halfway checkpoint of Aniak this morning at 9:02, just minutes before the youngest Musher to win the Bogus Creek 150, Jason Pavila, crossed the finish line at 9:37 (More on that later)

Pete was welcomed into Aniak by a large group of fans and spectators and a new halfway prize donated by the Community of Aniak. For being first into the checkpoint, Pete was awarded a suncatcher, a nice set of gloves, and a beautiful mask. Thank You Aniak!!

Pete is sticking to his 2-2-2 schedule that is seeing other mushers do different schedules. Musher Matt Failor didn’t stop at the checkpoint and is now leading Teams around the Whitefish loop back to Kalskag. Weather is absolutely perfect, so it’s a matter of dog care and health as the race progresses.

All of the top 5 Teams into Aniak have similar enroute times except for Failor, who was about 10 minutes faster.

It’s going to be a long night of guessing who will come out on top as anything can happen in dogsled mushing!!

Go Team Kaiser! Thanks again Aniak, and Thanks Kids for the AWESOME signs!


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