2019 Bogus Update – Making Up Lost Time

Every musher has it. That one memory that will burn in infamy…  Pete has his Pop Tart, Nik will have the Gweek trail.

Every musher has that moment, that small mistake, that if they could just take it back, the outcome would have been way different. We don’t talk about it much, but those memories are still out there.

After getting off the trail early, Nik and the Team are running with the fastest time on the trail. In 3rd place chasing the two front runners, can he do it??

Nik and the Team are running at a 11mph pace and they have 5 miles to make up. It’s going to be tough, but anything could happen.

Estimating the finish at 10ish, but I’m heading down about 9:30 just to make sure!!

We all have to be proud of Jason Pavila though. He is the youngest musher in the race at 15 years old!! His dad, Lewis Pavila, many time winner of all kind of races including the Bogus, must be beaming from ear to ear!

It’s going to be an exciting day, so grab a cup of coffee and Go Team Kaiser!!

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