On the Trail to the Finish

Pete and the Team are on the final stretch. This has been a long, tough race and there is one man who is really ready for the burled arches and his family waiting– Peter Kaiser!

The Team was through the last checkpoint, Safety, at 9:55am with the 8 dogs remaining.

The weather in Nome is absolutely beautiful! Sunny and mild, with very light temperatures, this morning is about as nice as it can get for the Pit Crew and spectators.

We are expecting a finish between 1:00 and 1:30pm this afternoon.

The traditional way the morning starts (Even if morning means 1:00am or later!!) with a cup of coffee with Bob and Sherie and then we drive out about 6 miles and wait for Pete and the Team so we can cheer him on to the finish. The we rush back to the Finish and meet him.

It’s always a bit intense as we don’t really know how accurate the tracker is and we don’t want to be late!!

We’ll be back in a flash.

For a live view, go to Facebook and check out Kale Casey Live!

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