Live from Grayling

Gonders Hoffman and Steven Boney drove 280 miles to see Team Kaiser in Person– Those are REALLY Super Fans!!

Leaving Bethel they drove up to Aniak and then overland to Holy Cross and stayed the night. This afternoon they headed out for Shageluk just in time to see Pete get ready and take off for Anvik. The duo leapfrogged to Anvik where Pete was only in the checkpoint for a minute and then made for Grayling to wait and watch Pete and Richie stop for their break.

According to Steve, Pete is preparing to bring extra supplies for the run, but after he snacked and bedded down the Team, he made for a bit of shuteye himself as tonight is going to be a long one.

Here are photos from Steven and their adventures today in Shageluk and Grayling.

Thanks Men!

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