Bad News on the Yukon

Just read a report that there are no supplies in Eagle Island and Teams will have to carry food and supplies for the trip from Grayling to Kaltag because the weather has been too poor to fly.

That isn’t the best news I’ve heard…

The saving grace is that all Teams will be having to do the same thing, so there’s no real advantage to an Team. In fact the Teams with the advantage are the ones that might take their 8 hour in Grayling. Mitch Seavey and Joar Ulsom are now taking their 8 hour break, so they will have a bit more rest for the journey.

I’m sure there will be a bit of grumbling in the Grayling Checkpoint tonight, but it is what it is…

I’m not sure why the Iditarod didn’t send up supplies by snowmachine as they have in the past, but they must have their reasons. I want to say I remember supplies being moved up to Cripple Creek on the Northern Route by snowmachine.

Well, not much to do about it except rest up. Pete will have to try and figure what will be the best supplies to take and try to pack light for the trip through a trail that isn’t well used, if used at all.

I spoke to Steven Boney who, with Pete’s father by the law, Gonders Hoffman, were up in Shageluk and Anvik and are now in Grayling. He said that Pete was in a pretty good mood and that the Team looked awesome. He said the trail had been pretty nice between the villages, but that wind was going to be a factor and it was right in their face. There are sections of the trail that pass high cutbank hills that can cause the wind to channel right down the river. It’s going to be a tough night on the trail tonight!!

Go Team Kaiser!


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