Approaching Eagle Island

Although there won’t be any drop bags waiting for Teams, apparently there may be heater fuel at the traditional Eagle Island checkpoint. It isn’t a checkpoint now, but Mitch Seavey and Joar Leifseth Ulsom stopped over there for a break.

Pete, along with Richie and Ray Redington are approaching the spot and I’d guess that they will be stopping to break the Teams at that point.

Weathercams in Grayling are showing sunny skies, but Kaltag looking South and Unalakleet looking East show clouds. The good news is that from all reports, winds have died down dramatically. It is cold, so there won’t be a “heat of the day” thing to worry about, but after running today with extra gear, it will be a good break and Pete will know that the Team will have a lighter load as he moves North.

Ray Redington is leading the trio, so that helps out the mental energy of the Team to some extent by providing a trail to follow. Eagle Island is halfway to Kaltag, so after a break, there is light to the end of the tunnel of the southern route for 2018.

It won’t be long before Eagle Island will be a flurry of activity as there are still quite a few Teams following closely to Pete and the guys. It’s going to be exciting to the end!

Have a good break boys! Go Team Kaiser!

Currently Anvik- 4 degrees, light winds from the south. Partly cloudy.

Mostly cloudy, with a high near 18. Southwest wind around 5 mph.
Mostly cloudy, with a low around 2. South wind around 5 mph.
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