2018 Iditarod – Willow Start Photos

The last thing Pete does before he leaves the Start Line is slap Dad’s hand for good luck. Every Time… Father – Son! Go Team Kaiser!!

What a beautiful day for a race! 67 mushers who were about tired of the pomp and circumstance of Anchorage are now doing what they do best – making tracks for Nome!

The life of a musher is a pretty solitary existence. Miles and miles of miles on the back of sled looking at dog butts and the trail ahead. But when a race happens it’s into town to shake hands with fans, interact with the public and do all of those things that a solitary person would rather avoid.

So with that over, it’s onto the trail towards the burled arches in Nome and a chance to put their name on the trophy of Iditarod Champion.

It was a beautiful day! Warm temperatures, a light wind, and almost blinding sunlight put another festive mood for fans and folks who made their way up the 60 ice miles into Willow. Unfortunately a little surprise awaited Teams arriving on the lake as overflow (water over ice) had made it such that the parking area was almost half of what it normally is and everyone was squeezed together in a small area.

It worked out well though and few tangles made for Teams efficiently making their way into the chute and hearing their names called by Andy Angstman and Lee Ryan who teamed up for announcing duty this year. The boys did a great job and I, for one, hope they continue.

Pete and the Team are doing nicely on the trail and are approaching the Skwentna checkpoint. Weather for tonight is perfect for mushing and I would bet that everyone out on the trail is having a great time!!

Here are today’s photos!



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