2018 Iditarod – 5th Place – Peter Kaiser

What a race! What a totally tough, but really great race!

Pete and the 8 dogs in the Team crossed the Burled Arches to Sunny Skies and just a beautiful day!

Led in by Maro and Freida across the line, Pete had a little disappointment in his voice as I spoke to him in the yard later. “I had to put Lucy in the bag just a few miles out of Safety, but that little girl led us all the way from Willow. What an amazing performance.” Everything he said was about how proud he was of the Team. They just did an amazing job over the 998 miles from Willow.

Bethany, Ari, and little Aylee anxiously waited for their post race kiss and hug and end to this tough, tough race.

Apologies for the tardiness, Pete is sleeping and with the new security at the Iditarod Finish, Ron and I were tasked with watching the dogs for the afternoon.

Here are the photos of the Finish! Go Team Kaiser!


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