Work- It’s a 4 Letter Word!!

During Race season, work is definitely a four letter word! Nik Wikstrand is out on the trail of the 2018 Willow 300 and some of us are stuck working to pay for our habit šŸ™‚

Ron, and Pete and some intrepid fans all gathered this afternoon for the Start in Willow of the 300 mile race into wilds of that region. Pete is concentrating on some serious training, so Nik took the runners of the A Team to field Kaiser Racing Kennel’s entry into the race.

The weather was in a word– Spectacular and Ron said is was a chorus of barking as the Teams left out onto the trail. Longtime fans will remember last year’s race ending on Superbowl Sunday. This year’s race has a new course and a bit of experience under the belts of the organizers. The finish will take place at Sheep Creek Lodge on the Parks highway. (Home of the best Chicken Fried Steak in Alaska, oh by the way)

Ron played the Norwegian Anthem and Nik carried the flag of his Homeland as he made his way out onto the trail. It will be a long night for the pit crew as Ron and Pete will be headed to several checkpoints to pickup dogs and wish Nik well as he makes his way through the course.

An expected finish on Saturday will have teams meeting at Sheep Creek Lodge to toast the trail and hear stories from the trail. I’m pulling at my credit card as I write this. Go Team Kaiser!!


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