They Don’t Call It a Race for Nothing – Into Koyuk

Pete and the Team are into Koyuk at 9:42pm with 10 dogs. They are surrounded with very good, fast Teams and at this point, it is too close to call.

In front of Pete is Aliy Zirkle and Ray Redington. Ray is having the race of his career with a very fast Team. Aliy isn’t having so much luck, but still is moving well. Ray is leading Aliy by almost an hour and Pete picked up 23 minutes on her on the run in from Shaktoolik and trails her by an hour.

However, there are a full string of strong Teams following Pete very closely– Michelle Phillips, who made up 11 minutes on Pete is only 23 minutes behind him.

Following Phillips is a whole slew of Teams including John Baker.

It’s going to be strategy, gamesmanship, and speed; no one better look the other way!

This harkens back to the Lance Mackey – Jeff King battle so many years ago when Lance went out to “check his dogs” and left his jacket hanging on the door, but then took off with his dog team, leaving Jeff holding the bag.

It’s going to be an exciting finish to this year’s race. Ron and I were doing some calculating Pete’s finish and I am thinking near to 6am on Wednesday morning.

Stay Tuned!

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