Now THIS is a Sled Dog RACE!

If anyone ever tells you that long distance sled dog racing isn’t competitive, they need to look at what’s happening in Elim this morning! While all eyes are on Mitch Seavey at the front, the ACTION is for the Top 10!

Ray Redington arrives into Elim at 7:14am with a 26 minute lead over Aliy Zirkle who arrives at 7:40am. Pete and the Team arrive just 32 minutes after Aliy at 8:12am with Michelle Phillips just 11 minutes behind Pete at 8:23am.

Ray drops a dog after a 2:38 break and returns to the trail at 9:52am, but Aliy takes off with him out of Elim just a minute later. Pete sees the action and he breaks out as well at 10:05 with Michelle in hot pursuit at 10:23am.

This is SO EXCITING! Basically all of the differentials have been erased and now its a Race to White Mountain and an 8 hour rest.

These 4 teams are pretty evenly matched with Ray having the slightly faster Team, but Pete, Aliy, and Michelle are paw to paw equals in terms of speed. They have been traveling together since Unalakleet and pretty much have the equal speed between them.

SO FUN! With a 5-6 hour run time to White Mountain, it’s going to be all hands on the refresh button to see how it turns out!

Team Kaiser Pit Crew are leaving on the Noon jet to Anchorage to connect with the 4pm flight to Nome.  Hopefully we won’t miss too much of it!

THIS is FUN! Go Team Kaiser!

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