Last day on the Trail – Into Elim

Good Morning Race Fans!

24 hours from now we will be either at the Finish Line or getting ready to head that way!

Pete and the Team made good time down the trail from Koyuk last night and arrived into Elim this morning just in time for breakfast at 8:12am with 10 dogs in harness. After leaving Koyuk at 1:46am, he traveled with the same group of Teams (Redington, Zirkle, and Phillips) with about the same time differential. Michelle Phillips is just on his heels and the Top 10 is at stake, but at this point, as Pete said in his interview, it’s just what the dogs can handle and get to the checkpoints safely. She arrived only 11 minutes behind Team Kaiser, so the race is truly on!

The weather has just been outstanding. This morning Teams were treated to a full moon and light winds. Much different from some trails in the past.

I am really curious whether Pete will elect to rest or water and go in Elim. I looked in his archive for past experience and it is a mix of rest or go. It really depends on the Team, and so we will wait and watch.

The monkey wrench in all the calculations is Paul Gebhardt, who left just after Pete and then rested just up the trail. I can’t help wondering if he is thinking to go through Elim. He is currently just ahead of Richie, who is traveling in 12 position. He could be thinking of gaining a position by skipping Elim, knowing that an 8 hour break is waiting in White Mountain.

So another day of racing is ahead of us, Race Fans, and then it will be a night of hitting the REFRESH button until it’s all over.

We have to mention that this Team of Mitch Seavey is truly something amazing. His times are record setting on virtually all of the Checkpoints and he truly has to be proud of that Team he is managing. Mitch is out of White Mountain, so a Finish looks to be in the afternoon for the 2017 Champion. Good Job Mitch!

For us, it is actually quite a bit more exciting as, once again, Pete is in a shootout for position. Stay Tuned!

Go Team Kaiser!

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