Brothers on the Trail – Pete and Richie

A nice trail, great weather, and a common interest. What a better day to spend an afternoon in Alaska! Not to mention on the Iditarod Trail.

At this hour, Team Kaiser and Team Diehl are breaking together half way between Galena and Huslia. Richie did his 24 in Ruby and by the time he reached Galena and was ready to go, it was almost time for Pete to take to the trail as well.

Pete and Richie have been mushing partners for many years. Veteran Fans will remember Delta Force, and the many other times that these two have shared the trail. They have trained together and helped each other many times, so it pretty cool to see them together on the trail again. Richie was also one of Pete’s “Best Men” at his Wedding to Bethany this past summer.

The weather is warming and couldn’t be better for a break along the trail. It is the warmest part of the day and taking a snooze in the sun will do both Mushers and their Teams good.

It is 38 miles up the trail to Huslia, where some of the best food and hospitality of the Iditarod awaits.

Go Team Kaiser and Go Team Diehl!!

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