Well Wishes 2015 Iditarod! Sign Pete’s Guestbook!


Sign Pete’s Guestbook here! Send him your well wishes! Pete and the Team appreciate all of your kind messages of support.

GO Team Kaiser!

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20 Responses to Well Wishes 2015 Iditarod! Sign Pete’s Guestbook!

  1. Danelle Kara says:

    Exciting way to finish!

  2. Still cheering you one Pete! Go Team Kaiser!

  3. Sumpter says:

    So proud of you. Lots of people, in spirit, helping you kick! The burl arch is waiting for you, keep kicking:). May the luck of the Irish be with you.

  4. Catherine Rohlman says:

    good luck Pete from your fans in Bridgeport,Ct!

  5. Gary D says:

    I was a little concerned about U in Koyuk glad 2 see U on the move. U R awesome. Looking forward to seeing U again

  6. Pete says:

    Keep pushing,you are doing great.

  7. Anita Penn says:

    So proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. Congratulations on another great and exciting year.

  8. CINDY KAISER says:


  9. Chad A says:

    Way to go Pete. Excellent season. Proud of you.

  10. Gary D says:

    hey Pete I like your gloves. Great race Pete. From Kansas

  11. Lisa Waters says:

    We are so proud of all the mushers, but especially proud of you and your team! Take care, and stay warm!!!

  12. Sue Gamache says:

    Great job representing the Kuskokwim area in all things mushing and with the Drew’s Foundation message “Never Give Up” and being a respective, responsible person. This is the kind of role model our young people need to see. Thank you for all you do Pete, Kaiser Racing Kennel and the Kaiser Fan Club. Very proud of your accomplishments.

  13. ALAN B. COX says:

    Way to run, Pete! The dogs are looking good. It is always interesting to follow your adventures.
    Alan and Dana Cox Newton, KS Friends of Gary Dickerson

  14. Ms.Mac says:

    Pete, You are amazing. I brag about you every year. Mush on!!

  15. Carolyn says:

    Go Pete.. I cheer for you every year. You are my #1 musher. DON’T EVER GIVE UP.

  16. Waq’aa, Camai, Congratulations Pete to you and your team, YK folks are SO Proud of you Bering Sea Coast to Atlantic Coast and beyond! Aspiaq, Hoooooraaaaay!

  17. Jim Chaliak says:

    Awesome job! Enjoy the rest of the trails. Give your team an extra pat for us. Quyana for all the excitement!

  18. Jeanine St. John says:

    Pete, So Proud of you and the dogs! Your dedication is inspiring. So pleased you are part of the Lynden family – it’s an honor to support you!

  19. Awesome job Pete! We own Chinooks here in Albany NY, and they are cheering for you too!

  20. Beverly Hoffman says:

    To Our Champion! Another Iditarod another wild adventure. Can’t wait to hear about the wild night headed to Shaktoolik. You represent our Kuskokwim Region so well. Proud of you.