A Cakewalk? Hardly…

Earlier to day I posted an article talking about the lack of challenge to the race. Well, that was pretty short sighted!!

After listening a bit to mushers and watching some of the video, this may go down as one of the coldest Iditarods ever. The Mushers and Teams have had the same weather– its been deceivingly clear and brilliant, but it’s been very cold. Imagine each night for the last 7 days at -40 in the evening. Or even COLDER!! It’s taking a toll to fingers, faces, and other extremities. It is a tough go to take care of the Team, and that comes first. What was an easy chore at -10 is a challenge at -40F. No sleep or very little. At those temperatures, it is desperate, but that is the amazing thing! They keep going!

So the challenge was the unseen- The chill of the Arctic.

As Pete and the Team enter the checkpoint of Unalakleet, this blogger, secure in the warmth of my living room, has learned a quick lesson. What you see is not always there!

More soon as Pete and the Team bed down for a break in Unalakleet.

Go Team Kaiser!

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