2015 Kuskokwim 300 Well Wishes Page


Sign Pete’s Guestbook here! Add your well wishes as a comment! Go Team Kaiser!

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  1. Lead Dog says:

    Go Team Kaiser!

  2. Ev Vykin says:

    Bring it home Peter, you’re doing fabulous on the way into Bethel!

  3. Ken Hamm says:

    Almost there, Pete, and with a clean snowmobile suit! Great job!!!

  4. John Mcintyre says:

    Go Pete Go!

  5. All the Kaisers says:

    Visiting Mom this weekend and we’re dancing at the Cedars!!!!! So incredibly PROUD!!!!!

  6. Kaisers in Kansas says:

    Loud cheers from family in Kansas! Congrats, Pete!

  7. Auntie Staci says:

    Way to go Pete! So happy, so proud, so wishing I was there! Congratulations on a great race! Love you!

  8. Vivian Dietz-clark says:

    Congratulations, Pete, and all of Team Kaiser! From all the team of Alaska Pyrotechnics, including both Rodney Clarks! So happy for you!

  9. Veronica says:

    Nice run! We’re happy for you and the home town crowd. The Dogs look happy too. Congratulations!

  10. Shirley Yarbrough says:

    Congratulations Pete. Followed the race from the Southland, and very pleased with your win. Good luck in the Iditarod.

  11. Audy McGee says:

    Hey Pete I just wanted to congratulate you on your win!!! I hope to get back up there so you can tell me all about it!!!! Again congratulations!

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