Trio Meet Up in Cripple

2014 Iditarod Cripple 14


Pete and the Team are still traveling with Richie and his Team as they make their way into the Cripple Checkpoint. They are likely to see Mike Jr. making preparations to leave on his way to Ruby. This will be the first time the Kusko Trio have been in a checkpoint together since the Start.

It has been a long day for the mushers and their 13 hour run is in two groups of strategies that are playing out on this part of the trail. Pete and Richie are still playing it conservative, I’m sure to maintain their Teams for the last stretch on the coast when they will surely need a strong group of dogs. Looking at the Standings Board, you see some Teams making the trip in about 10 hours, while others are about the same as our guys, at 13 hours or so.

I expect a short break here as they have taken about a 5 hour run since the last break on the trail.

Martin Buser just made it into Ruby and now the pundits and strategists can go wild. Martin arrived into Ruby almost exactly 12 hours after Jeff King. King is on his 24 hour break which really is over 25 hours due to the differential. Martin’s real worry however is Robert Sorlie and Aliye Zirkle, who are burning up the trail behind him. Tonight the race will shake out and by tomorrow we will see how big a lead Martin actually has.

Going to be a great one!

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  1. Amazing pics, mushers, and dogs! I am enjoying this immensely!!