KNOM Nikolai Reports – Laureli Gets Her Sound Byte

Yesterday I reported that Pete was leaving Nikolai beaten but still in it. I was speculating of course as we had not word from anyone. Based on what everyone else was doing, I couldn’t imagine anything else. But I was pretty far off. The Kusko Trio seems have come through the first part of the trail almost unscathed. Go Guys!! Nice Job!

Arguably the best reporter on the Iditarod beat, Laureli Kineen with KNOM always gives our guys the attention they deserve. I want to personally say how thankful I am for her interest, as Iditarod seems only concerned with the top 5 or so mushers into checkpoints. While that is well and good and really all that they can logistically do, there are SO many mushers back in the pack whose stories could and should be told. All of the mushers on the trail have invested their lives in this race and I am hopeful someday we come to a mutual resolution to this issue. (Like the ability for a musher to call someone from a checkpoint to tell their story – Phone Interviews are Great!! – See how we do it at

In any case, off my soapbox–

Laureli spent time with all 3 mushers in Nikolai. I love her reporting because she always asks the right questions and gets these guys, who are notorious for not speaking, to tell their story:



Click the photo or Here to head over to KNOM and read the whole story!

In Nikolai, Kaiser and Diehl survey terrible trail behind them  KNOM Radio Mission - Google Chrome 352014 91845 AM

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One Response to KNOM Nikolai Reports – Laureli Gets Her Sound Byte

  1. Rachelle Byrd says:

    Amen brother! All the stories are interesting and need to be heard!