Update- Banged Up and Beaten!


Aaron Burmeister in Nikolai – Banged Up Knee

Photo from Sebastian Schnuelle’s Blog- Check it out!

Is there a Doctor in the House?

The trail is beginning to take its toll on musher, equipment, and Team it appears. We have been concentrating on our Trio of Teams from the Southwest, but now hear that it has been a tough one out there.

As I’ve been posting stuff, I’ve missed maybe the bigger story. The story of banged up mushers and equipment into Nikolai. Word from the trail is that Martin Buser has a banged up ankle, and other mushers are nursing leg and knee injuries as well. Sleds have take a beating with one story telling Martin Buser running out of runners and coming into the checkpoint on the bare aluminum of the sled. This bodes poor for folks behind, but with the light snow they are getting up there right now, hopefully there is enough to help the latter mushers out.

(UPDATED) Joe Runyan at Iditarod.com overheard Hugh Neff stating that the trail was non-stop action from start to finish from Rohn to Nikolai. He had to keep track every second to keep upright and underway. This is a stark contrast to many days on the sled of slow trodding movement. Think back to the 2012 Race when Pete completely fell asleep and passed Mitch Seavey on the trail without even knowing it. THIS is totally a different race action for Musher and Team. Iditarod Insider video of Nic Petit shows him telling the cameraman-“Those rookies- they don’t know what’s coming, their going to have a real FUN time.” Then he looks at the cameraman and tells him to have someone get hold of Jim (Lanier 73yrs old) “Somebody get Jim on the horn and tell him its not worth it. Don’t do it.”

Looks like this section of trail is going to live up to the fears from the Start after all. This section of the trail from Skwentna to Nikolai has been on everyone’s mind since the decision was made not to restart in Fairbanks. Even before it has been dancing in their dreams. Now it has come to fruition as a total nightmare. Veteran Musher and Crowd Favorite Dee Dee Jonrowe scratched this morning as did fellow veteran Linwood Fiedler.

This is the tell…

ADN.com has a great article on the whole ordeal. Check it Here!


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