Seeing Double? Denali Double!

With the crazy winter weather we have had in Alaska, training has been tough, but RACING has even been tougher with several races cancelling. We still don’t know the Iditarod Restart details as that decision will happen on Monday. The Iditarod has Fairbanks on tap as an alternate race Restart.

Pete and Peter and the entire Team have been bunking and training with Aaron Burmeister in Nenana with a brief respite back in Bethel for the Kuskokwim 300.

After that race in the midst of rain and slush, the decision was made to return to Nenana where they have been since January.

Scrounging for training time, they got lucky and got a spot in Jeff King’s Denali Double race this weekend. Only a very limited number of race slots are available, but a last minute withdrawal gave Team Kaiser a place to test their wares.

Here are some important links:

Denali Doubles Website | Denali Doubles GPS | Denali Doubles Facebook

The race is interesting in that TWO musher ride the trail with the Team. I was reading through the rules last night and the following caused me a chuckle:

Musher Info - denali doubles invitational sled dog race - Google Chrome 2132014 95225 AM

They can use two sleds as show from last year’s photo:


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