Congratulations Jeff King – 2013 Kobuk 440 Champion


Jeff King and his Team arrived at the Finish Line at 3:30 this morning to win the 2013 Kobuk 440 in what may be record time. (I don’t have earlier records, but it is the fastest on their website)

Trackers seem to be offline for several mushers that should be finished by now, but Team Kaiser’s tracker is still operational and puts Pete and the Team about an hour from the finish. Expect them at the finish line between 7 and 7:30 this morning if not a tad bit earlier.

Current Weather in Kotzebue is clear with a temperature of -4 and light winds. It has been a beautiful race weather wise and I’m sure that Pete is very glad to have been there. The top teams in the world of sleddog racing have joined to put on a great run.

Go Team Kaiser!

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