What a Night! Pete Resting 20 Miles out of Rohn

Mike Sr. into Rainy Pass – From Iditarod.com

The Team Kaiser Support crew is back in Bethel! Whew! Halfway to Bethel, the Jet turned around with a “Navigation” issue, and we went back to Anchorage. After an hour or so we reboarded the plane, weary and tired, but anxious to get back to Kaiser Headquarters.

While all this was happening, Pete and the Team made it through the Alaska Range and the Rohn checkpoint and are headed to a spot that many of the mushers like to rest before the run through the burn to Nikolai. From the Tracker it looks like it is mile 188 or 189. Ron was telling me that the place (Little Egypt) has become a favorite of mushers as they leave the Alaska range. A rest here will shorten the run over the Farewell Burn into Nikolai and make for more equal runs between stops as they move forward into McGrath or Takotna for 24 hour layovers.

It’s good to get back to my Racing Chair so I can put up the updates and the mountain of photos I have to share.

The talk of the day has been the Buser run into Rohn this morning. No one really knows how this will work out or IF it will work for the former Iditarod Champion. He is still saying put, so I figure at this point he must be taking his 24 hour layover in Rohn. It is the only thing that makes sense after 15 hours in the Checkpoint.

Race Weather for this evening is still warm, but the night will temperatures a bit.

Delta Force Report-

Mike Williams Sr. –  Rohn Resting – IN 23:37 DOGS- 15
Mike Williams Jr. – Rohn Resting – IN 23:20 DOGS- 15
Richie Diehl – Out of Rainy Pass after a 5 hour break – OUT- 12:10am DOGS- 15
Pete Kaiser- Rest 20 miles past Rohn – DOGS 15


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