Strategy Already! Buser Strikes Off!

The race is not 12 hours old and we have three strategies playing out on the trail. Martin Buser, who left the chute first this afternoon, has not taken the traditional break that other mushers have in previous races, or even in this race. He has become the 2013 Jackrabbit, while other teams rest. Pete and the Team went to rest at the 60 mile point in the race pretty much according to his race plan we spoke about earlier today (Interview coming) Other teams have pushed on to Skwentna and are taking a break there.

Earlier this year, in the Kuskokwim 300, teams did put in long stretches of mileage (Almost 150miles) but not so early in the race. We will see how this strategy plays out later in the race.

In any case, the excitement has already started as we watch World-Class mushing at it’s finest! Stay tuned.

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