Delta FOURce Wednesday Update – All Out of Takotna


Welcome to the Wednesday Delta FOURce Update!

Leading the Four YK Delta Mushers is our own Pete Kaiser. Pete and the Team left Takotna this morning after his 24 hour layover at 1:15am with 14 dogs. He quickly made it over to Ophir, dropped another dog and returned to the trail at just past 4am this morning with 13 dogs. The Kaiser team made great time towards Iditarod and are presently camped out resting just 20 miles from Iditarod. We expect him to rest for a few hours and then return to the trail. I am thinking that his preference was to get as far as he could in the warmth before camping out and waiting for it to cool this evening. Go Team Kaiser

Mike Williams Jr. left Takotna after his 24 hour layover at just past 6 am this morning with 14 dogs. He was in and out of Ophir a bit before 7am and is currently on the trail to Iditarod. I would expect that Mike Jr. would also break this trip of 103 miles into two parts as well and rest during the heat of the day. We will see though as Mike Jr. is full of surprises.

Mike Williams Sr. has been traveling with his son since the Start and left Takotna just a couple of hours later than Mike Jr. He was in and out of Ophir just before noon with 15 dogs. He commented yesterday that it was an honor to be traveling together with Mike Jr. He must be so very proud of his boy and no better seat in the house than on the trail with him.

Go Team Williams!

Richie Diehl of Aniak is just out of Takotna after his 24 hour layover as well. Tracker is showing him moving, but we don’t have a count on his dogs yet. Richie has slowly been creeping up the leaderboard and with his conservative run, should keep that up as they move North. I am hearing that his Dad may meet him in Anvik to watch him go by. Maybe we will get some photos from there as well. Richie’s Facebook page has been going crazy with all of his fans! Way to go Richie!

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