Back on the Trail to Puntilla

After watching Pete for several years, one thing you have to know is if he is anything, he is methodical. Stick to the game plan seems to be his unspoken mantra. After a 3 hr 30 minute break in Finger Lake, the Team is headed off to Puntilla. Weather is still warm, but luckily it’s not sunny so it will stay a bit cooler than if they were running in the sun.

Given the breaks he has taken so far, I anticipate he running through Puntilla (30 miles) and into Rohn (48 miles) for a 78 mile run. I’d bet he would take a break there before moving through the Farewell Burn to Nikolai and the Kuskokwim.

What this means is a tough day of mushing for Team Kaiser. They will head into the Alaska Range into the valley’s of the Rainy Pass area and Puntilla lake. From there it will be the tricky Dalzell Gorge that has taken it’s toll through the years on Musher, Sled, and Teams. Warm weather won’t make it easy if there is any overflow on the trail, but Pete and the Team have been on this kind of trail before, so it’s going to be work, but very doable.

This section of the Trail is probably the most magnificent in terms of all that you read about Alaska– Mountains, Trees, and possibly wildlife to include even Bison as they head to Nikolai. Have a great day Mr. Kaiser!

Puntilla Weathercam 9:30am Monday

Puntilla Weathercam 9:30am Monday


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