Saturday Morning Update- Game On

IMG_0047 Serious… That’s the look Musher Lewis Pavilla had yesterday afternoon at the Bogus 150 Starting Line. He has won this race before and you could see it in his eyes- Game On. A year ago he came in second to our own Jen Peeks in this race and was cordial, but not happy to be second. Today it looks like the race could be his. He and his Team are holding a good lead and presently is out of Akiak bound for Kwethluk in the 2013 Bogus 150.

K300 Mushers look to be taking their mandatory Layover in Kalskag. Many including Pete and the Team are presently in that checkpoint. It had to be a brutal challenge last night as they faced the bitter wind on the trail to the North. The trail has several sections where teams face right into it. A six hour rest will recharge the teams for the rest of the race. Mushers can take their layover in three places– Kalskag going up, Aniak, or Kalskag going down. In early years it used to be a gamble and teams did take layovers in all three options, but in later years as teams have grown to do larger mileages without stopping, most get the layover out of the way. This puts them on the trail basically until Tuluksak before they need to take another layover.

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