Congratulations to Mike Williams Jr. and Richie Diehl – 15 and 16

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Bev Hoffman was kind enough to get a couple of interviews for Team Kaiser. We will be watching these two young men as they mush on the Iditarod Trail. Bev and I go way way back. I started the K300 website years ago after suggesting it to her. She was hesitant, but said go for it. In those days all communication was by fax. After that year there was only one fax in Headquarters. The third year was all transitioned to web. She’s a natural as a communicator and did an awesome job for us in these interviews.

Richie’s Interview- [esplayer url=”″ width=”400″ height=”25″]

Mike’s Interview- [esplayer url=”″ width=”400″ height=”25″]



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