Teams are through McGrath

Aliy Zirkle has checked through the McGrath checkpoint and is still going. She has been leading for quite some time. John Baker is on her heels. We should start to see teams take their 24’s at some point. Takotna is a popular spot (It’s all about the Pies!!)

Team Kaiser is running in about 15th place give or take. He’s about 20 miles or 2 hours off the front lead teams at this point, but there’s alot to go as we are only just now reaching the 250-275 milemarkers in the race.

Go Team Kaiser!

Bethany alerted me to a video on the Insider showing John Baker. In the background is our favorite musher calmly doing chores and resting his dogs. John seemed pleased with his team’s performance. Warm weather is a bit more stressful to teams, but makes for easy work at the checkpoints.

By this time tomorrow night we will undoubtedly be seeing a lull in the action as teams take their 24 hour layovers, but the race is on at this point to see where folks stack up and how fast they get into the rest mode.


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