– Kaiser ON FIRE!

From Sebastian Schnuelle at

A team on fire is for sure Pete Kaiser. His dogs were baking when arriving here. That is a great come-from-behind success story. Pete himself looks also much more rested, with longer breaks earlier in the checkpoints. It is a super fine line to keep a team within striking range of the leader, yet keeping the speed in them to be able to come from behind. If a team is run too long too early, the speed drops and it is hard to get back. Mitch thinks in his team, the run from Takotna to Cripple was the run, which slowed him down. Yet if a musher takes too many breaks at that middle point of the race, they have a fast team, but have fallen back too far in the standings. In 2008 I ran Takotna to Cripple in 4 runs, all short 40- to 45-mile jaunts. That had me fall back in the standings into the low 20s, just to catch up along the coast to finish in 10th place. Pete Kaiser managed that fine line even better, with now already getting close to the top 5, likely to move up even higher.

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