Headed back to the Trail.

Wow! What a day!! A fabulous Win for Jen and the B-Team and lost trail for Pete and the A-Team!

GPS Tracker shows Pete and the Team headed back to the trail. I just got off the phone with Janet and of course they are a bit bummed about the turn of events, but remain hopeful that this will just be a speed bump in the career of Peter Kaiser.

Conditions on the trail right now aren’t the best. He is headed into the wind that is gusting to about 30 mph. That will slow his progress substantially and GPS tracker confirms this. His speed is down to about 7 mph or so, down from the almost 10 he had been making. In about 2 miles he will find the trail and be able to rejoin the race.

Make sure to show your support for Team Kaiser by adding comments to our pages. Pete reads them when not on the trail and our support surely drives him to run the races we only dream about. Jen also reads the comments so make sure to leave behind support on her articles as well.

Go Team Kaiser!


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