Good Morning Race Fans! K300 Saturday!

Good Morning Race Fans! Today will be bound to be an exciting day in Dog Mushing. Pete and the team are resting in Kalskag. They arrived at 5:01am in 11th place. After a 6 hour layover, the teams will be able to head out on the trail.

The front runners were into Kalskag about 45 minutes ahead of Team Kaiser. Rohn Buser was first into Kalskag at 4:16am followed closely by Lance Mackey at 4:18am. I’ll be trying to get some news from Kalskag to see how it’s going with a personal touch.

In Bogus Creek 150 News, Team Kaiser Jenn and the team are through Akiak. Jenn was first into the Bogus Creek Checkpoint 11:52pm just 8 minutes before Jeremiah Klejka. Presently Tuluksak phones are down, so the K300 doesn’t have any info yet. Akiak is 30 miles up the trail from the Finish. This would put a finish between 10:30 and 11:30am. Teams are traveling about 2 hours behind last year’s times. For some reason K300 isn’t tracking Akiak times, so cannot make too much of a forecast until we see her into Kwethluk. Jenn has been leading the race for much of the time, but is followed closely by musher Lewis Pavilla. It’s going to be a battle for sure!

Go Team Kaiser!!

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