2012 Iditarod Fan Messages

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  1. Bonnie says:

    hi i am learning about the iditarod and my teacher said we had to pick a rookie and a vetran and i pick your bib number and pat moons so now i am studying you hey good luck and becareful out there it smowy and dangerous becareful and watch those dogs

  2. Joann Harris says:

    Hi Team Kaiser and Good Luck! Wanted to ask about a puppy I met at Jeff King’s place last summer named Scrabble. Guess he’s too young to race but I was wondering if you think he has potential to be on a future Iditarod team. He was the one I held when we got off the bus at Husky Homestead and Carrie told me he actually belongs to you. We are enjoying watching you and Jeff on the trail!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hey Peter in school we started a iditarod unit. So i picked you because it looked like to me you are a winner. So far it looks like yr doing good.???? So, bring home the win and good luck on the race and hope you dont have to scratch. GOOD LUCK????


    Pete & Kaiser Racing Team,

    This Texas family is praying for you to have a strong wind at your back, charged and healthy dogs, exceptional sledding weather, and a smile on your face when you pull into Nome.

    Good Luck,

    Miya, Jory, Charlize, Gabe & Grace

  5. Bobby Willmot says:

    Dear Pete,
    Hi! My name is Bobby Willmot, and I am 8 years old. I researched you for a class project. I hope you win the race!
    Your Fan,
    Bobby Willmot
    Chatham, NJ

  6. Robin Scully says:

    Wow – it’s going to be another close one – GO PETE! I had my Siberian Husky in the office when I was watching the let’s go on a dog run video – she about went crazy with all the barking dogs! Gotta love it! I’ll try to post a picture. Saw Pete on page 2 of the Alaska magazine with two adorable little puppies. Makes you want one too!

  7. Jeremy Atkin says:

    Hi Pete
    My name is Jeremy and I live in a place called Rotorua in New Zealand. My class at school has been studying the Iditarod. We all had to chose a musher from the race. I chose you and I have been following you everyday since the race started. I think I chose the right person and I think you are doing really well. Good luck with the rest of the race. Go Team Kaiser!

  8. Lead Dog says:

    Send us a Fan Foto! You and your class with a Go Team Kaiser sign!

  9. A,K,G says:

    GO Pete!
    We are 6th grade students doing an iditarod project, and we are with you all the way!

  10. A,K,G says:

    We believe in you Pete!!! You are doing awesome. Keep going and don’t forget about everybody back home who are rooting for you!!

  11. James says:

    Hi Team,

    It looks like Mike is in great shape with 12 dogs as of now. I’ve been following you throughout the race, wish you luck and pray for your safety… now ON TO SAFETY!

    A note to Mike Sr.: Mike, I admire and applaud what you’ve done toward education on alcohol abuse. I also know you are proud of all your children. My company would like to sponsor Kaiser Racing Kennel this year and leading up to race #41. Lots of going on with everyone at Kaiser now, but I’ll be in touch with you after its over.

    James Brown, owner
    Talkeetna Condiments

    P.S. I’ll send you some samples of our newest product… Tuntuvak Pizza Pepper.

  12. Sandy McCulloch says:

    Pete, I’ve got Hoquiam and Ocean Shores, Washington rooting for you. What a fabulous race you are running. Ms. Mac

  13. Juanita says:

    To Scott Jannsen, you are a winner no matter what, for what God and you done for Marshall..

  14. Jane says:

    Hi from New Zealand!
    Been following Pete’s progress throughout the race and very impressed with Pete’s runs…he’s doing an awesome job! Safe, FAST trip to Nome Pete!!!

  15. Dee Ray says:

    Team Kaiser all the way – you are almost there! I adopted you as my musher through our school as we have been following the iditarod. I know you must be so tired as well as the dogs – Good Luck in the race and when it is all said and done would love to share with our students your experiences. You can email me and I can share.

  16. Jane says:

    Go Pete Go!!! Almost there now…

  17. Jeanine says:

    Congratulations Peter — from the LYNDEN gang!!! Well Done!

  18. Peggy parsons says:

    Awesome finish. Hope to meet you this summer in bethel with cousin chris

  19. James says:

    Congrats Mike!

    Great race with a great team! Give ’em plenty of treats! Now you (and your team) need a long deserved rest.

    James Brown
    Talkeetna Condiments

  20. James says:

    Hey Kaiser Racing Fans,

    Many of you noticed KTUU’s omission of Mike’s VERY impressive run with an 8th place finish, while they recognized other less impressive participants finishing well behind him. Mike, both you had a great run and I feel I can speak for all Kaiser Racing fans by saying our hats off to you!

    Pete and Mike, Jr., I see huge potential these coming years. You two have excellent teams and you’ll blow the competition away prior to, and in #41. It was a team effort of the entire Kaiser crew and we fans appreciate your whole team’s efforts.
    Thank you.

  21. Sue says:

    Pete, congrats on a great race, we met a bunch of people from Bethel on our journey to Anchorage, I have a great shot of you at the Ceremonial start on the way to the chute………… thanks for the web cam so we can watch Hank our musher as he crosses, it is going to be very special. I put money on you to be in the top 5 as well so thanks

  22. Laura says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome web cam. We Kaiser fans really appreciate it.

  23. Patricia Toups says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to see the mushers as they come in under the Burled Arch !! I really appreciate it and have made a note of the sponsors also. Thanks !!

  24. Pat Toups says:

    Thank you so much for allowing us to share with the mushers as the cross under the Burled Arch !!

  25. Janine says:

    Pete, you and your team ran such an awesome race this year! We were all cheering for you on the iditarod forum!!!

  26. Janine says:

    Mike, We were so impressed by your race too! And had so much fun watching your showdown with Mitch, right to the end! I can’t wait to see what the two of you do next year! Watch out!!!!

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