2012 Bogus Creek Congratulations Page

We don’t take a win for granted here at Kaiser Racing!
Show your support for the team and offer your congratulations below!

Just Comment your words below! The entire team will be pleased!

7 Responses to 2012 Bogus Creek Congratulations Page

  1. John Wallace says:

    Way to go Jenn! What an accomplishment! We are all very proud of the work you do for Team Kaiser! Enjoy the moment! JW

  2. Valerie Bue says:


  3. Tillie Kaiser says:

    Congratulations Jen, way to represent! Lots of hard work paid off, an official bad ass if you ask me!

  4. Kathy Hanson says:

    Jen, you were so much fun to watch! Team Kaiser fans and all the outdoor women in Bethel say “You rock!”

  5. Gary D says:

    congratulations Jen. You young folks keep outdoing the old folks. Way to go. Don’t think I’d recognize
    you without frostbite on your face. Might see you in Anchorage.

  6. Gary D says:

    to Pete

    I am so proud to be associated with your mushing community and friends. Good finish. I look forward to being in Bethel next year. See you in Anchorage. Hope I can lend you a hand…

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