Wahoo! We’re moving now!!

Pete’s time from Iditarod to Shageluk was second fastest of the 18 mushers into the checkpoint. Myron Angstman has a contact in that checkpoint that spoke to Pete when he got in. Pete is going to be there “awhile.” But who knows how long that will be.

Temperatures last night were pretty chilly and I am speculating that going later was probably better as the trail probably hardened in the cold night air. When you stir up loose snow, it takes a couple of hours, but it gets as hard as iron when it’s cold.

Pete’s Dad and Myron are flying to Shageluk and at this time are airborne. Richie Diehl took off from Aniak at 5 this morning to show up and cheer the team on as well. It is a 90 mile ride from Aniak by snowgo and a 150 mile ride by airplane.

Nice Job Pete!! (And the team!!! 🙂 )

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